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This is a space for my personal projects that I think are fun. Rough and in progress, these exist here in plain sight purely as motivation for me to keep going, but may serve as a useful reference for someone — your results may vary.

  • Powder Keg

    A screenshot of the game board.A screenshot of a close up of ships.A screenshot of arid island terrain.

    I love Pirates! and I love a little local multiplayer I can entertain my kids with. Of course I got more obsessed with developing the procedural terrain generation, day/night cycles and random pirate names that I still haven't turned this into a proper game.

    It's all based around the Gamepad API, so you do need to connect at least two bluetooth controllers to your computer to get playing. Once you do, left and right shoulder buttons fire your port and starboard cannons respectively, and A and B will raise and lower your sails to get moving. Built with React Three Fiber, and Cannon physics.

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  • Solar System Generator

    A screenshot showing a "top down" view of a generated solar system.A screenshot of planets revolving around a sun.A screenshot of an Earth-like world.

    I will forever be a space nerd and the thing that really captures my imagination these days is this golden era of discovering exoplanets. So what better thing to build than a solar system generator? The scale of the systems it produces is of course very wrong, but it's a balance between something that looks real and something that's fun to look at and interact with.

    At a quick glance the systems it generates feel pretty simple, but I did approximate and simulate a lot of real astrophysics here for fun — for example, planets habitability is determined by their distance to the sun, how strong the sun is, their mass and the amount of atmosphere. You might even just find an inhabited planet in one of these systems. Built with vanilla ThreeJS.

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